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Dental Emergencies in Blackwood

Toothaches are common and happen due to many different reasons. At South Jersey Family Dental our Blackwood dental office can do an emergency examination to figure out exactly why you are suffering from a toothache. Tooth decay, trauma to the tooth, a crack, or diseased pulp can all create extreme pain. Call today, where we have been named one of New Jersey Monthly’s Jersey Choice top dentists throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018.

A severe toothache may possibly require an extraction, fillings or a root canal. If a tooth has become decayed or infected and the pulp inside damaged, the best way to save it may be with a root canal procedure. Any infected tooth can be painful. Over time, it can cause an abscess if not treated. Symptoms like sensitivity to heat or cold, swelling and tenderness may create pressure that can cause problems and pain. The root canal procedure itself is usually not uncomfortable. If the toothache stems from tooth decay, an emergency root canal by our Blackwood dental office can be done to save the tooth. Dental emergencies are common and so we try to accommodate all of our patients as quickly as possible in order to treat their dental problems and to save teeth before the dental issue becomes worse.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday, and Saturday by appointment only. Other emergencies our Blackwood dental office handles are dislodged and avulsed teeth. Injuries to the mouth may cause the teeth to become pushed into their sockets. We can reposition the tooth, stabilizing it. Avulsed teeth are teeth that have come out of the socket. Having this treated as soon as possible will help save the tooth. Check our website for more information. Patients can schedule their next appointment and even pay their dental bills online through our web portals.

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