Blackwood dentist

Blackwood Dentist

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Dentist in Blackwood

Blackwood dentist
Blackwood dentist

As dentistry continues to see breathtaking advancements in technique, equipment, comfort, and results, we at South Jersey Family Dental are right there making those benefits available to our valued patients like you and your child. Into our fourth decade of excellent care, this is a practice dedicated to meeting the needs and preferences of each individual, with gentle treatment and patience.

Our Blackwood dentist is committed to keeping your teeth and gums strong and vibrant, along with making sure that they look good, and are straight and white. Optimal oral health, restorations, cosmetic, and orthodontic care are all administered with the high level of expertise that our office is known for. With just one trip to see our Blackwood dentist every six months, you can take a giant leap toward being free of cavities and the effects of gum disease. Prevention is key. Teeth cleanings remove tartar buildup and residual plaque that are both working to erode your enamel and to irritate and redden your gums. In fact, if you have any signs of early stage gum disease, gingivitis, teeth cleanings will reverse those signs. Meanwhile, an exam and periodic x-rays allow for proactive care by finding and filling any cavities before they can grow large enough to cause serious problems. Lost teeth, up to and including an entire jaw’s worth, can be done with bridges and dentures. As for the appearance of your teeth, get yourself a brighter smile with our teeth whitening, either at our office or a handy take-home version. And veneers cover up a host of aesthetic concerns. For orthodontics, enjoy the cosmetics and the practical results of Invisalign or ClearCorrect, instead of having to deal with the drawbacks of traditional braces.

Reach out to us right now and set up an appointment for you or your child to come in and see our Blackwood dentist.

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