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Crowns in Glassboro

Cosmetic dentist in Glassboro
Cosmetic dentist in Glassboro

Dental crowns serve many different purposes in the mouth. They can either be used as a top portion of a dental implant, to strengthen a tooth, or to even provide a cosmetic fix for an unattractive or malformed tooth. At our dental practice, patients are very happy with the results they get when they receive crowns from our cosmetic dentist in Glassboro.

At our highly-regarded dental practice, South Jersey Family Dental, our expert and highly-trained cosmetic dentist is Dr. Baqir Jaffery. At our dental practice we provide dental care in a wide variety of dental specialties including cosmetic dental care by our cosmetic dentist in Glassboro. Dental crowns are an important way to restore damaged or unattractive teeth. Dental crowns are also known as dental caps. There is absolutely no difference between dental crowns and caps; they are merely two different names for the same dental product. A dental crown is generally made of porcelain and will cover the entire tooth on the top and all sides. It is very important that our cosmetic dentist in Glassboro provides crowns for his patients that are attractive, functional, and comfortable. If a dental crown does not fit perfectly the patient will be very aware that it is in his or her mouth. However, our dental crowns will perfectly fit the patient’s tooth so that our patient will not even remember that they have the dental crown in their mouth. It will also be perfectly color-matched to adjacent teeth.

Our cosmetic dentist in Glassboro will use dental crowns in several different types of situations. Dental crowns can be permanently attached to the top portion of a dental implant root and serve as a permanent tooth. If a tooth undergoes root canal therapy it generally needs to be strengthened due to the fact that a substantial amount of material has been removed from the tooth. For this reason, after a root canal treatment, the tooth is generally covered with a porcelain crown. If our cosmetic dentist sees that there is a tooth that is weakening due to having to hold a lot of filling material, he may determine that a dental crown will help to save the tooth. The dental crown will make the tooth stronger and keep it from cracking under chewing pressure. If you would like to see our cosmetic dentist regarding getting a dental crown, contact us today.

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