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Sedation Dentistry

Dentist in Turnersville
Dentist in Turnersville

Sedation dentistry is a gentle and easy way for patients with dental anxieties to relax during routine appointments and long procedures. Sedation dentistry allows us to put the patient in a relaxed state so that they are at ease during their procedure. It is done by our dentist in Turnersville or by a licensed anesthesiologist, depending on the procedure. South Jersey Family Dental prides itself on being a top dental office and providing patients with only the best care for themselves and their families. We offer restorative, general and cosmetic dentistry at our offices.

Our sedation procedures are ideal for those who have a fear of dentist and cannot have a dental treatment performed while they are awake. Some patients may have a phobia of the dentist, may be afraid of needles, or may be special needs children/adults who have trouble staying calm at the dentist. Sedation is also ideal for those who are allergic to local anesthesia. Our dentist in Turnersville has access to safe, effective drugs that can help patients stay relaxed, helping to promote a positive dental experience. Sedation is good for infants, children with anxiety, or those who have had bad dental experiences. We offer conscious sedation, a procedure in which we administer sedatives orally, or with an inhalation method. All types of sedation are performed by a licensed dental anesthesiologist and in a safe and controlled manner.

Sedation dentistry can be done with total anesthesia, or light sedatives that have the patient still awake and completely aware but in a very relaxed state. Our dentist in Turnersville has been performing sedation dentistry with much success for patients. For more information on how sedation dentistry can help you today, call our offices. We offer convenient appointments and information about our dental services as well as a knowledgeable staff and database to help you understand your dental health.

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