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Dental Crowns in Glassboro

Glassboro Cosmetic Dentist
Glassboro Cosmetic Dentist

There are plenty of benefits to visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Not only will such routine visits help significantly improve your oral and dental health, but there are plenty of services that your dentist can provide for you, both medically and cosmetically. Our Glassboro cosmetic dentist,  South Jersey Family Dental, can help provide his patients with a wide range of dental procedures and services, including the creation and application of dental crowns or caps.

There are several uses and benefits to dental crowns. First and foremost, dental crowns are primarily used to restore a tooth’s shape and function, often after a root canal procedure. On a number of occasions, a root canal may necessitate that a significant amount of the tooth is removed in order to preserve it completely. To make up for any lost mass, a dental crown or cap can be placed over the filled tooth root to restore it to its original shape and size. This is necessary to help retain your bite’s evenness as well as its effectiveness. Sometimes, a tooth may need to be evened out for other reasons. If a tooth is broken, chipped, or has not developed fully to meet evenly with adjacent teeth, a dental crown can be applied to rectify this. A dental crown may also be used to cover a cracked tooth to help prevent the crack from becoming worse and causing the tooth and nerve damage. They can also be used to attach bridges, cover implants, or to help fix a dental filling that is in danger of coming loose. A crown can also be used to cover any discolored or yellowed tooth roots. Our Glassboro cosmetic dentist South Jersey Family Dental can help assess any dental situation and provide patients with dental crowns if necessary.

Dental crowns with South Jersey Family Dental can be made from several materials, including porcelain baked onto a metal substrate, all porcelain, or even ceramic materials. Our Glassboro cosmetic dentist is here to make sure that your teeth are restored to their proper shape and size and that your dental health is as good as it can possibly be.

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