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Glassboro Dental Crowns

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Glassboro Dental Crowns
Glassboro Dental Crowns

When a tooth needs support, as when it has become weakened by severe decay, cracked, or chipped, our Glassboro dental crowns are the ideal solution. Another use is when you have undergone root canal therapy and your tooth has been drilled down to gain access tot he pulp and nerve. A crown restores the tooth back to its full size again. And if you have a cosmetic issue with one or more teeth, like one that is misshapen, crooked, or discolored, again a crown comes to your rescue. Here at South Jersey Family Dental, our crowns will augment your natural tooth or even act as part of a full-tooth restoration (such as when you get a dental bridge or an implant). The process of having one placed is easy and safe, and will usually require just two trips to our dental office.

The first step is for our cosmetic dentist to take impressions that will be used as a model to create our Glassboro dental crowns. The dental lab will make the crown, and your tooth will be prepared here to receive it so that the fit is precise and comfortable. Between sessions, you will receive a temporary crown to keep the tooth protected until you come back. When you do return, the crown will be tried on, any adjustments needed will be made, and once both you and our dentist are satisfied with the result, it will be cemented to the top of your tooth.

Porcelain is a popular choice for the material to make our Glassboro dental crowns. For one thing, it’s tooth-colored, and so it blends in very well with the look of your other teeth, giving a seamless appearance to your smile. This is especially beneficial when you are restoring a tooth that is visible, toward the front. With back teeth, it’s not so important. But what is important for back teeth is that you are able to eat with confidence. As a result, amalgam (metal) may be more suitable for holding up to the force of chewing. Our cosmetic dentist will discuss the choice of material with you when you come in.

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