Jackson Heights family dentistry

Jackson Heights Family Dentistry

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Dental care for all ages in Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights family dentistry
Jackson Heights family dentistry

If you are looking for a top-notch dental practice that can provide dental care for you and your entire family, you will want to become a member of our family dental practice, South Jersey Family Dental. At our dental office, patients can receive complete Jackson Heights family dentistry care from our expert and highly trained dentist, Dr. Baqir Jaffery.

At our Jackson Heights family dentistry practice, we enjoy working with all members of the family, from children through seniors. We warmly welcome all of our patients into our practice and make sure they have a relaxing and stress-free time while here. We specialize in providing outstanding aesthetic results, keeping teeth healthy, and fixing existing dental problems, while we treat our patients with compassion and integrity. Our office is state-of-the-art both in terms of technology and dental techniques used. Whether you need preventive dental care, cosmetic dental care, or restorative dentistry performed, we can provide the complete services that you need. Whether you need to have a dental cleaning, a dental checkup, or a full mouth rehabilitation, we are fully equipped to provide you with the complete services that you are seeking. When children visit our dental practice, our entire staff goes out of their way to make sure that your child has a fun and relaxing time at our dental practice. We know how important it is that children have a good experience at the dentist, so that they do not develop any dental fears and hesitate to seek out dental care when it is needed as adults. We offer a wide range of services including: complete dental exams; teeth cleanings; porcelain bridges; complete and partial dentures; dental fillings; teeth whitening; porcelain veneers; and treatment with both Invisalign invisible braces and ClearCorrect braces.

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