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Pediatric Dentist Turnersville

For Great Pediatric Dental Care Visit Dr. Ettelson in Blackwood, New Jersey

For many children, the stress of a dentist appointment can be overwhelming. As a parent, there are many ways that you can transform a doctors visit into a positive experience for you and your child. First, it is important to remember that children pick up anxiety they feel from their parents, so you must also feel comfortable at the dentist. The best way to calm your nerves before your child’s dentist appointment is to visit a Turnersville pediatric dentist that you can trust.

Pediatric dentists have specific training that helps them calm an anxious child during dental treatment. Our Turnersville pediatric dentist offices is geared towards children, making the environment feel safe, comfortable and welcoming. In addition, the staff in our Blackwood NJ pediatric dental practice work there because they like kids and want to make their dental appointments easy and anxiety-free.

Children’s Dentistry in Blackwood NJ

Pediatric dentists employ many techniques to make children feel comfortable during their dental cleaning, including coaching, distraction, and parental participation. One of the many methods of calming a frightened child is the “Tell-Show-Do” technique, where the pediatric dentist will name a dental instrument, demonstrate the safety of the instrument by using it to count the child’s fingers, and then apply the instrument in treatment. This allows for the dental appointment to move at a pace that is comfortable for the child while informing them through visual demonstration that they have nothing to fear.

When you have young child, it is suggested that you stay close during treatment, this will help the young child feel more confident and safe with a friendly face. However, with an older child, many dentists prefer that parents wait in the reception room, as doctor-child communication is often unencumbered and enhanced.

Occasionally, though not often, child react so negatively during dental treatment that it requires assertive management of his movements and actions to prevent the child from potentially injuring themselves. Speaking calmly, but firmly will usually take care of it, but some children may require a mild sedation. A sedative or use of nitrous oxide/oxygen will benefit an anxious child and relax them during extensive dental treatment.

For ease of mind for you and your child, see pediatric dentist, Dr. Barry Ettelson in Turnersville, New Jersey. You’ll have a relaxing experience knowing your child is safe and comfortable in our dental office, and your child will learn that there is nothing to fear from a dental appointment.

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