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Teeth Cleaning

When it comes to keeping up with your oral health, there is a lot that you can do. The most common things are things that we all know to be important. We all know just how important it is to brush our teeth on a regular basis while we also take mind to floss and use an anti bacterial mouth rinse to keep our mouths as germ free as possible. Though it is vital to keep up with these sorts of habits, it is also important that you have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist as well. Here at our dental offices in Glassboro, our dentist Dr. Baqir Jaffery can provide you and everyone in your family with a thorough, but gentle dental cleaning.

Dental cleanings should be an integral part of your annual healthcare. Just as you might schedule a general physical with your regular doctor or general practitioner you should also be making sure that you visit your dentist for dental cleanings and checkups as well. While a

Dentist in Washington Township
Dentist in Washington Township

dental exam or checkup is recommended about once a year, it is recommended that patients schedule a dental cleaning about once every six months. A dental cleaning is a more thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. While it is more intensive than your everyday brushing at home, it is still not painful and is quite gentle. A professional dental cleaning here with Dr. Baqir Jaffery at our offices here in Glassboro can help target any concentrated areas of plaque build up from your tooth enamel or along your gum line. Dr. Ettelson may be able to determine if you exhibit any signs of cavities or gum disease as well, and can treat any issues discovered as promptly as possible. Usually, regular dental cleanings help limit your chances of developing cavities or gingivitis and can help prevent the need for emergency visits.

It is vital that you get the oral healthcare that you need on a regular basis. Making sure that you schedule annual dental exams and regular dental cleanings here with Dr. Baqir Jaffery at our dental offices in Glassboro can help significantly improve your oral health and make sure that it is on track. If you are due for a checkup or professional dental cleaning then make sure to call our dentist here in Glassboro today.

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