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Common causes of tooth stains

Turnersville teeth whitening office
Turnersville teeth whitening office

So here you are realizing that you’re not satisfied with the color of your teeth and that you’d like to come to our Turnersville teeth whitening office. But what happened to make your teeth that way in the first place? It can seem as if it all occurred overnight, but of course it’s usually the result of years of gradual changes. At South Jersey Family Dental, we will help you to get whiter teeth again and make certain that you’re aware of the causes, some of which you can make adjustments in your lifestyle to avoid in the future.

Foods and drinks play a big part in the staining of your teeth. For example, are you a big coffee drinker? Along with tea, cola, and red wine, coffee is a major culprit in tooth discoloration. And foods that range from berries (and their juices) to soy sauce, curry, and many hard candies contribute to losing your teeth’s whiteness. If you’re a smoker, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that tobacco use, even smokeless tobacco, leads to tooth discoloration. Even some prescription drugs, notably tetracycline, are known to be a problem with altering the color of your teeth. Our Turnersville teeth whitening office can reverse the effects of all of those habits, with treatments done at our office or an easy take home version that you can do at your own convenience.

Unfortunately, even if you don’t engage in any of the things listed above, there is a natural process of aging that still impacts the whiteness of your teeth. Your enamel wears down over time, to reveal the duller tissue beneath. There is nothing that our Turnersville teeth whitening office can do to stop that from happening, but we can certainly do something to make your teeth more brilliant once more.

If you to choose to have the whitening process done here at our office, you can expect very quick results, usually after only a single session. At home, the transformation won’t be quite as fast, but you’re still going to be thrilled with the outcome. How many treatments you will need varies based on how discolored your teeth are now and how white you want them to be. But rest assured that if your teeth are yellow or even brown, you’re going to see significant changes for the better at our Turnersville teeth whitening office.

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